What Is a Roundhouse Bridge?

In this video, Dr. Robert Harvey discusses the benefits of a roundhouse bridge, a permanent dental restoration that functions and feels like natural teeth.

A roundhouse bridge is a dental restoration that is permanently cemented into place and doesn’t come in or out like a traditional denture. Our goal with this option is to transition you away from removable dentures, which can be cumbersome and uncomfortable, to something that feels and functions more like your natural teeth.

The major difference between a full denture and our roundhouse bridge is quite significant. With a full denture, you have a whole mouthful of hardware, which can be noticeable and feel artificial. In contrast, the roundhouse bridge eliminates all that bulky hardware. It lines up the teeth similarly to natural teeth but without the extensive framework of a denture sitting in your mouth.

The roundhouse bridge is cemented in place, meaning it doesn’t come out. You care for it much like you would your natural teeth—brushing regularly and using tools like a waterpik to keep it clean. Additionally, just as with natural teeth, you would return to our office annually for x-rays to ensure the implants are healthy and to perform a regular cleaning.

So when considering the options, think about the difference: wearing a full, removable denture or having a permanent solution that feels like your own teeth. This is the transformative difference a roundhouse bridge offers.

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Dr. Robert Harvey & Dr. Rameek McNair

At Aspire Dental Group, our experience, unrivaled technology, and caring service provide a comforting experience to our patients that is hard to find in other dental offices. Dr. Robert Harvey and Dr. Rameek Mcnair combined have over 45 years of experience in dentistry. Our goal is to always deliver extraordinary care to every patient. We will go the extra mile for you 6 days a week!

Very few dental offices around the country have an in-house crown and bridge laboratory. This means that Aspire Dental Group has a full-time ceramist that allows us full control over the fit between our lab products and your existing teeth. You can count on not only a more streamlined and faster production schedule, but overall savings for our patients who utilize dental components built by the lab. Our highly skilled ceramist will craft custom dental restorations that are perfect for your teeth, ensuring you a smile that you will love.

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