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Estimates indicate that nearly a quarter of adults across the globe are suffering from complete tooth loss. In America alone, 36 million people and counting have lost all their teeth. For those looking to replace a complete set of upper or lower teeth, dentures have always been a tried-and-true option. However, dentures come with their fair share of problems, from shifting in the mouth to causing oral health issues. Luckily, there is a modern solution that makes the problems of traditional dentures a thing of the past.

At Aspire Dental Group, we specialize in implant dentures using mini dental implants. These upgrades to the conventional models provide the best combination of stability, natural look and feel, and affordability. They are also remarkably simple and straightforward to place, allowing you to have your new implants installed in just one day. Before determining the best option for your needs, it’s important to understand how dentures work and the models available.

How Can Dentures Help?

Dentures in Lake City, FL Denture Options Aspire Dental GroupDentures are acrylic or porcelain prosthetics designed to replace a full set of teeth. They can address many different oral health issues and improve your well-being. If you’ve suffered from substantial tooth loss, dentures can be a solution to replace your missing teeth. By fully restoring your upper or lower arches, you can improve the functionality of your teeth and rehabilitate your smile.

One of the most important functions of dentures is to help with chewing food, which in turn helps digestion. Missing teeth can make it hard to eat certain foods, like fresh produce or tough proteins. Dentures allow you to chew your food more effectively and enjoy a more diverse diet.

Speech is another aspect of life that becomes more challenging when teeth are missing. Gaps in your teeth can lead to unwanted lisps and other articulation problems. Replacing those missing teeth will restore your speaking confidence and make it easier for others to understand you.

Additionally, tooth loss has a compounding effect on your overall oral health. Gaps left by missing teeth can become more easily infected, leading to gum disease. Spaces also allow any remaining teeth to move and shift, leading to a misaligned bite. By filling the gaps in your smile, dentures help to maintain your oral health.

At Aspire Dental Group, we recognize that every situation is unique, so we’ll work with you to tailor a denture solution to your exact needs.

Types of Dentures

Denture options typically fall into one of three categories: traditional, partial, and implant dentures.

Traditional Dentures

Often called “full” or “complete” dentures, these are the prosthetic teeth that come to mind when you imagine a set of teeth soaking in a glass on your grandma’s nightstand. They are removable and work as a replacement for an entire set of upper or lower teeth. However, despite being a long-standing solution to the problem of missing teeth, they have their drawbacks.

Traditional dentures don’t look as natural as other restorative options and don’t offer the same stability and chewing power either. They are molded to sit on the gum for support but will need to be adjusted over time to maintain fit. Loose dentures are not only at risk for falling out in embarrassing situations but can cause irritation in the gums as well. Messy adhesives can help with this to an extent, but they add another cost and hassle to the traditional denture experience. Finally, because they are removed so frequently, there is an increased risk of damage or loss.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are designed to work with your remaining natural teeth to bridge the gap between missing teeth. They attach to your natural teeth with metal clasps and are removable just like full dentures. However, partial dentures suffer the same problems as traditional dentures in terms of stability, durability, fit, and function.

While traditional and partial dentures have been a workable solution in the past, there’s no denying they come with problems. If you’re looking for the best available tooth replacement solution, we recommend implant dentures using mini dental implants.

Dentures in Lake City, FL Denture Options Aspire Dental Group 2Implant Dentures: The Superior Choice

Implant dentures provide the best available combination of stability, durability, natural look, and tooth function. Using the innovation of mini dental implants, Dr. Harvey and Dr. McNair offer both removable and non-removable options. In certain cases, they can even stabilize existing dentures using mini implants.


Also called “snap-on” dentures, these are the closest option in look and function to traditional dentures. Overdentures snap onto 4-8 mini implants rather than sitting on your gums and can be taken off at home. If your existing traditional dentures are in good enough shape, we can sometimes convert them into overdentures. These offer an excellent solution for individuals on a budget who are looking for secure implant dentures.

Zirconia Roundhouse Bridges

The purpose of a roundhouse dental bridge is to replace an entire arch with enhanced stability. Made from Zirconia, the strongest tooth replacement material available, these prosthetic teeth provide unparalleled strength and stability. They come in both semi-removable and non-removable options.

  • Dentures in Lake City, FL Denture Options Aspire Dental Group 2The semi-removable option, Fix-on-Six®, attaches with 6-10 mini implants and can only be removed by Dr. Harvey or Dr. McNair for professional cleaning. The Fix-on-Six® system is an upgrade to the older All-on-4® model that uses large conventional implants.
  • The non-removable option is the most stable and durable choice for implant dentures, closely mirroring the appearance, sensation, and function of your natural teeth. We cement it in place using 10-12 mini implants, and it requires the least maintenance as you care for it just like your natural teeth.

Each of these options provides superior fit, function, and durability compared to traditional options, but many of their benefits come from the advantages offered by mini dental implants.

Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants provide the base and structure for implant dentures. Their small size gives them the edge over implant dentures that use conventional dental implants. The advantages of mini implants are clear:

  • Smaller size: Mini implants measure less than 3 mm wide, meaning they are the best option for individuals with weak or narrow jawbones. Their toothpick-sized width allows them to squeeze into places where traditional implants can’t fit.
  • Minimally invasive: Such a slim profile means that the placement procedure for mini implants is simple and straightforward. And with a local anesthetic applied beforehand, you won’t feel a thing.
  • Quicker placement: It can take months for a conventional implant procedure. In many cases, we can place your mini implants in one visit. This convenience means you can enjoy the benefits of a restored smile without the extended wait, saving you time and ensuring a quicker return to your daily activities.
  • Faster recovery: Due to the minimally invasive placement technique, any post-procedure discomfort can be managed with an ice pack and over-the-counter pain medication. Most patients are back to their normal routines within 24-48 hours.
  • More cost-effective: All the benefits listed above actually combine to make the process of getting mini implants more affordable, and their single-piece titanium design ensures that they are built to last.

Secure Your Smile at Aspire Dental Group

Are you frustrated with the challenges of missing teeth or tired of dealing with ill-fitting dentures? Dr. Harvey, Dr. McNair, and the experienced team at Aspire Dental Group want to help restore your confidence and quality of life with mini implant solutions.

If you’re ready to take the first step on the journey to better health, call to schedule a no-cost implant consultation. A more functional, appealing, and comfortable smile is just one phone call away.