Mini Implant Dentures Provide a More Secure Fit

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When we think of security, we often think of big, imposing methods of safekeeping. The hulking, muscular bodyguard. A safe with impressively thick walls. Your computer’s password that must have 15 characters, a number, an exclamation point, your mother’s maiden name, and a partridge in a pear tree. But when it comes to securing a loose set of dentures with dental implants, smaller is better. Mini implant dentures offer exceptional stability for false teeth while also providing various functional and oral health benefits. Additionally, they are a less invasive and more cost-effective alternative to traditional dental implant solutions.

Mini Implants Can Stabilize Dentures

Mini Dentures in Lake City, FL | Dental Implants | Denture Options“Mini dentures” are supported by mini dental implants. These slim titanium screws, under 3 mm wide, create the base for implant dentures and other restorations such as dental crowns and bridges. Mini implants are a less invasive and more affordable solution than traditional implants, which average about 5 mm wide and come in two pieces. The minimally invasive placement of mini implants reduces recovery time, making them a great choice for those who want to use their new teeth quickly.

If you think mini implants are weaker because of their smaller size, think again. Their one-piece titanium structure provides strong support and achieves success rates comparable to traditional implants.

Plus, the slim design of mini implants offers unique advantages. For instance, they can be used in patients with lower jawbone density, who might otherwise require a bone graft for traditional implants. Additionally, their size allows for more implants to be placed per restoration, evenly distributing bite force and offering extra support in the rare instance that an implant fails. These features make mini implants an excellent choice for supporting implant dentures.

Types of Implant Dentures

Implant dentures are available in several varieties, depending on your needs and preferences for removability, stability, and cost.

  • Snap-on dentures: We offer removable implant dentures, often called overdentures or implant-retained dentures. These advanced prosthetics attach firmly to 4-8 mini implants, offering better stability and comfort than conventional removable dentures. If certain conditions are met, we can even transform your existing dentures into overdentures.
  • Semi-removable roundhouse bridge: Our Fix-on-Six® option is a semi-removable roundhouse bridge. Anchored by 6-10 mini implants, this full-arch bridge offers exceptional function and stability. These prosthetics are only removed by an implant dentist like Dr. Harvey or Dr. McNair for routine cleanings.
  • Non-removable roundhouse bridge: Often called permanent dentures, this option is impressively comfortable and stable, greatly outperforming traditional removable dentures. We securely cement the roundhouse bridge onto 10-12 mini implants, guaranteeing superior function and feel. If you’re looking for a denture alternative that looks and feels like natural teeth, a non-removable roundhouse bridge is the ideal choice.

The Benefits of Mini Implant Dentures

Mini implant dentures offer several advantages compared to traditional dentures, which can become ill-fitting over time, leading to discomfort and instability in the mouth that impacts your daily routine. With mini implant dentures, you can look forward to the following benefits:

  • Enhanced speech clarity: Implant dentures improve speech clarity and pronunciation, easing the communication challenges of traditional dentures.
  • Improved dietary options: Secure implant dentures allow you to enjoy your favorite foods again and eat a more nutritious diet.
  • Greater affordability: Mini dental implants are more affordable than traditional implants, making these dentures accessible without compromising their benefits.
  • Additional social and professional opportunities: A confident smile boosts your personal well-being and positively influences your professional life.
  • Long-term jawbone health: Mini implant dentures differ from traditional dentures because they stimulate the jawbone. This stimulation prevents bone loss, a common effect of losing teeth, ensuring the jaw functions correctly and preserving the shape of your face.
  • More natural look and feel: Implant dentures don’t use nearly as much acrylic as bulky traditional dentures, allowing them to feel and function like natural teeth.

The Implant Denture Process

At Aspire Dental Group, we start with a complimentary consultation so that you can meet Dr. Harvey or Dr. McNair and share your concerns. At your visit, we’ll perform an oral exam and take a 3D scan of your teeth and jaw. This data helps Dr. Harvey or Dr. McNair determine if you are a good candidate for mini implant dentures and plan your treatment. We can also discuss financial options at this time.

As for the procedure, we’ll begin by applying a local anesthetic to ensure your comfort. Dr. Harvey or Dr. McNair will create a small pilot hole in your gums for each implant, then precisely insert each one into a specific location in your jaw. We’ll then take impressions so that your custom denture can be created at a dental lab. Because mini dental implants are immediately stable, we can secure a functional temporary prosthetic as soon as the implants are in place. Once your personalized denture is ready, we’ll remove the temporary teeth and secure your brand-new restoration.

You can eat virtually anything after your implants heal completely in a few weeks. Until then, we recommend avoiding particularly sticky or crunchy foods to ensure proper implant integration. As for aftercare, your implant dentures function like your natural teeth, and you can care for them similarly.

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Say goodbye to the hassles and discomfort of ill-fitting dentures. Discover the life-changing benefits of mini implant dentures by scheduling a no-cost implant consultation at Aspire Dental Group today. With mini dental implants, you can regain the secure, fully functional smile you once had.

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