Permanent Dentures: The Most Stable, Functional Option

Permanent Dentures for Teeth Replacement in Lake City, FL

As we get older, the prospect of losing teeth increases. Deciding on the best method for restoring your smile can be confusing and worrisome. Whether you’re contemplating a solution for one or two missing teeth, or navigating the choices for more comprehensive restoration, the decision-making process can be fraught with doubts. For those wearing traditional dentures, the fear of them shifting or slipping unexpectedly adds another layer of concern. These apprehensions are all valid, yet there is one dental restoration solution that significantly reduces these uncertainties: permanent dentures.

In the United States alone, almost 41 million people rely on dentures, and 90% of those who’ve lost all their teeth use some form of dentures. But many of those users still rely on old-fashioned, traditional dentures. While they’ve been a great resource in the tooth replacement toolbox for many years, traditional dentures have multiple shortcomings, including the tendency to lose their fit over time. Permanent dentures offer a solution to common denture issues, delivering a host of benefits and restoring peace of mind to denture wearers.

The Problems With Traditional Dentures

Permanent Dentures for Teeth Replacement in Lake City, FLContinuing to use traditional dentures is like using a cell phone from the 1980s when the latest smartphone models are available. It might get the job done, but the experience can be so much better with an upgrade.

The biggest problem with conventional dentures is that they simply rest on top of the gums. Over time, your gumline naturally changes, and the dentures suffer wear and tear from constant removal. The only way to restore the fit is to have your denture relined by a dentist. Unfortunately, this must be done periodically to help maintain a proper fit. While adhesives can help, this is a temporary fix and an additional cost.

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That’s not the only downside—due to their bulky size, traditional dentures may not look or feel like natural teeth. They may not function the same, either. Because of their instability, they do not achieve the same bite power as natural teeth. Plus, there’s an increased chance of damage or loss that comes with daily removal.

Imagine a world where dentures look and feel like your natural teeth. No accidental slips, no need for messy adhesives, and no more avoiding your favorite foods. Permanent dentures offer all this and more.

Why Permanent Dentures?

At Aspire Dental Group, permanent dentures aren’t just any old denture solution. They’re a type of implant denture that relies on mini dental implants for security. The implants are placed in the jawbone, providing a stable foundation for the full arch prosthesis.

Permanent dentures, also called non-removable roundhouse bridges, provide outstanding stability and functionality. They are cemented to 10-12 mini implants, providing a dependable fit. As their name implies, these dentures are not removable, giving them several advantages over traditional dentures and other removable implant dentures.

  1. Natural look and feel: Unlike the old-school acrylic versions, permanent dentures resemble real teeth due to their higher-quality materials. You’ll experience a boost in confidence, knowing your smile looks as genuine as it can get.
  2. Maximum stability and functionality: Have you ever felt awkward when your dentures slipped and slid while talking or eating? Permanent dentures stay put. No more embarrassing moments or mishaps! And because they’re so durable and strong, they offer unparalleled biting and chewing power. You can indulge in all your favorite foods again without worrying if your teeth are up to the task.
  3. Low maintenance: While traditional dentures need frequent professional adjustments and special cleaning procedures, permanent dentures simplify maintenance. You’ll simply care for them the way you would care for natural teeth. Plus, fewer trips to the dentist for adjustments means more savings in the long run.
  4. No more bone loss: Traditional dentures don’t replace missing tooth roots, but your tooth’s roots play an important role: they stimulate the jawbone to keep it healthy. With conventional dentures, the lack of jawbone stimulation leads to bone and tissue loss over time, affecting your face’s appearance. The mini implants used for permanent dentures fill this need, ensuring your jawbone stays strong.
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Insurance and Financing

Taking a step towards permanent dentures might initially seem daunting financially. But at Aspire Dental Group, we truly believe everyone deserves quality dental care, regardless of their budget. We’ll help you understand your insurance plan so that you know what your policy covers. We’ve also partnered with financing companies like CareCredit and Proceed Finance to offer flexible financing options to make your treatment affordable.

Get Permanent Dentures Today

Dr. Harvey, Dr. McNair, and the whole team at Aspire Dental Group are your partners in the journey to denture stability. If you need to replace an entire arch of teeth or are frustrated with your traditional dentures, permanent dentures could be the life-changing procedure you’ve been waiting for.

So, why wait? Your chance to regain a confident, functional smile is just a phone call away. Schedule a free consultation with Aspire Dental Group today.

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