Loose Dentures Can Be Stabilized With Mini Implants

Loose Dentures in Lake City, FL | Mini Implants | Denture Stabilized

Have you ever gotten annoyed at a loose screw, knob, or handle that rattles around in your house, causing constant annoyance whenever you hear it, touch it, or think about it? Now, imagine that loose connection is the teeth inside your mouth, moving around every time you try to eat, speak, laugh, cough, or smile. That’s what it’s like living with loose dentures. Everyday tasks become a struggle, and the constant worry about your prosthetic moving around can be a significant source of anxiety. Dentures have long been the go-to solution for those looking to replace all their teeth. But let’s face it, traditional dentures, though useful at times, can come with a string of frustrations.

Why Traditional Dentures Fall Short

Loose Dentures in Lake City, FL | Mini Implants | Denture StabilizedIf you’re among the many edentulous Americans who’ve chosen traditional dentures to replace your teeth, you’ve probably experienced some of the issues they come with.

  1. Artificial aesthetics: Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt that your dentures don’t quite capture the look or feel of real teeth? Their bulky size and plastic-y materials don’t come as close as other options to mimicking your natural smile.
  2. Poor functionality: While traditional dentures restore some biting and chewing power, they don’t have nearly the strength of your natural teeth. This means that certain foods are difficult to eat or are even off-limits.
  3. Bone and tissue health: The absence of natural tooth roots means that traditional dentures don’t stimulate your jawbone, leading to bone and tissue loss over time. This will eventually change the shape of your face, making it look saggy and older than you are.
  4. Worsening fit: As you lose more bone over time, your dentures will lose their fit and move in your mouth. This can cause irritation, sores, and embarrassment when your teeth slip out mid-conversation. After all, as your body changes its shape over the years, you must occasionally update your wardrobe. The same goes for your dentures.
  5. Maintenance challenges: Traditional dentures must be constantly adjusted at your dentist’s office to maintain their fit. The frequent reshaping, the need to keep them safe every night, the fear of dropping, losing, or forgetting them, and dealing with messy adhesives are all part of the drama of dentures.
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Mini Dental Implants: A Solution for Loose Dentures

At Aspire Dental Group, we offer implant dentures secured by mini dental implants as an effective solution for those frustrating loose dentures. Here’s a simple analogy: consider dental implants as the posts of a fence, driven firmly into the ground to hold everything steady. When placed directly into your jawbone, implants act the same way, providing a secure foundation for your dentures. The process is even smoother with mini dental implants, which Dr. Harvey and Dr. McNair specialize in, thanks to their small size and the big benefits they offer.

We begin the process with a no-cost consultation where we can examine your mouth, take X-rays, and create a personalized plan to address your needs and preferences. We then securely place the mini implants, which act as substitute tooth roots, into your jawbone. These implants anchor your teeth, ensuring your dentures stay put—no more slipping, sliding, or adjustments ever again.

Addressing Cost

At Aspire Dental Group, we understand that discussing money can be stressful or uncomfortable. That’s why our practice strives to make quality dental treatment affordable. It starts with the mini implants themselves. Because their placement and healing timelines are much shorter than traditional implants and require fewer appointments, they often cost about half as much as larger implants.

We’ll start by reviewing your dental insurance to ensure you get the most out of your coverage. If you need to explore financing options, we work with multiple companies to make this treatment affordable. Financial stress shouldn’t stand in the way of a procedure that can transform your life.

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Ready to Stabilize Your Loose Dentures?

If tooth loss has thrown a wrench in your life, we have the solution you’re looking for. Dr. Harvey, Dr. McNair, and our entire staff are passionate about restoring your smile and confidence. With our expertise and the latest in dental solutions, we’re here to help.

Are you ready to say goodbye to loose dentures and embrace a solution that offers both comfort and security? Schedule your free consultation today and discover how your life can change with denture stabilization.

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