Denture Stabilization Is Simple With Dental Implants

Denture Stabilization with Implants in Lake City, FL | Aspire Dental

One of the most frustrating things about traditional dentures is their propensity to lose their fit over time. Poorly fitting dentures can cause oral health problems, such as sore gums, and embarrassing moments when they slip and slide without notice. Imagine trying to enjoy a crunchy apple or a juicy steak but being afraid of denture slips. Or, picture yourself laughing heartily with friends, only to feel your dentures shift and threaten to pop out. These are scenarios nobody should have to deal with. That’s where denture stabilization using dental implants comes in. They hold your dentures in place, help you chew confidently, and help eliminate those embarrassing and unexpected slips.

Why Should You Care About Denture Stabilization?

Denture Stabilization with Implants in Lake City, FL | Aspire DentalTraditional dentures lose their fit for a few reasons. One is just simple wear and tear. By removing the prosthetic every day for cleaning, they become vulnerable to damage or loss. The second reason is a bit more troubling. Because conventional dentures don’t replace your missing tooth roots, they don’t stimulate your jawbone the way your roots did. Therefore, there’s nothing to prevent the loss of bone and tissue density over time. This changes the shape of your face and causes your once-snug dentures to lose their grip. Not only will a denture stabilization give you more functionality from your replacement teeth, but it will also help keep your facial profile intact.

Another reason to consider implant dentures is that patients who get them tend to report greater satisfaction compared to conventional dentures as well as a higher quality of life.

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Understanding Implant Dentures

Think of implant dentures like secure snap buttons on your favorite jacket. They lock in and don’t budge, giving you peace of mind. In the dental world, the “snap buttons” are mini dental implants. These are tiny titanium posts that anchor the dentures. The mini implants are placed directly into the jawbone, providing a sturdy scaffolding on which to attach your teeth. The process for placing mini implants is minimally invasive and doesn’t require any incisions or stitches, so the whole process is simple and straightforward.

Choosing the Right Implant Denture for You

You’ve got choices when it comes to implant dentures. In order of increasing stability, they are:

  1. Snap-on overdentures: Just as the name implies, these dentures “snap on” to 4-8 mini implants and are removable for cleaning.
  2. Semi-removable dentures: These dentures are marked as semi-removable because only Dr. Harvey or Dr. McNair will remove them for cleaning. Otherwise, you can brush, floss, and rinse at home just like these were natural teeth. If you’ve heard of All-on-4® or Fix-on-Six®, this is the type of denture they’re referring to.
  3. Non-removable dentures: The most permanent and also the most functional option, this prosthetic is cemented onto 10-12 mini implants. This zirconia roundhouse bridge is as close as it gets to your natural teeth in terms of looks, feel, and function.

When you decide to get implant dentures, Dr. Harvey and Dr. McNair at Aspire Dental Group are here to help. They’ll guide you from the initial consultation to the final result, answering any questions and offering their expert opinion.

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The Benefits of Denture Stabilization

With a denture stabilization featuring mini dental implants, you can:

  • Eat all your favorite foods again
  • Speak with clear articulation
  • Smile without embarrassment
  • Boost your confidence
  • Keep your oral health in check

As you can see, implant dentures don’t just change smiles; they change lives.

Worried About Cost?

Implant denture costs can vary for several reasons. They depend mainly on the type of denture used and how many mini implants you need. The good news is that mini dental implants are more affordable than traditional implants. Besides being smaller and requiring less titanium to create, the placement and healing process for mini implants are so much more streamlined that they help keep costs down.

Insurance and financing can be a headache, but at Aspire Dental Group, we’re on your team. We work with multiple financing companies to help make denture stabilization affordable, and we’ll guide you through the maze of insurance and financing to find a solution that works for your budget.

Get Denture Stabilization Today

Life’s too short to be worrying about slipping dentures and missing out on steak dinners. If you’re dealing with the discomfort of floating dentures, Dr. Harvey and Dr. McNair at Aspire Dental Group are eager to help.  Reach out to Aspire Dental Group and schedule your free consultation today, and get ready to embrace the magic of denture stabilization.

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