What Do Dentures Cost? Exploring the Options

Dentures Cost in Lake City, FL | Mini Implant Denture Options

Many people and businesses perform some sort of cost-benefit analysis when making important financial decisions. The question is essentially: What am I getting for this product, service, or procedure versus what am I paying, and is the result going to be worth it? If the sum of the benefits outweighs the financial impact of the cost, then you go through with it. So, what are the benefits and costs when it comes to replacing your teeth with dentures? It all depends on the type of denture you’re considering and the different levels of stability and functionality you’re looking for.

Types of Dentures

Dentures Cost in Lake City, FL | Mini Implant Denture OptionsExperiencing tooth loss can profoundly impact your daily life, affecting how you speak, eat, and feel about your appearance. Dentures have been a longstanding solution, restoring your mouth’s functionality and bringing back those confident smiles. However, not all dentures are created equal, so it’s important to understand the options.

Traditional Denture

These are the removable dentures you saw sitting in a glass of water on your grandparent’s nightstand. They have a bulky pink base that sits on your gums and holds acrylic teeth. While these old-fashioned dentures served their purpose for many years, they lack the stability, comfort, and functionality of more modern denture options. While some find their removability convenient, they come with a constant worry about damage or loss, as well as the stress of having to “find your teeth” every time they leave the house or answer the door.

Another issue is that they do nothing to replace your missing tooth roots. This means that your jawbone will quickly deteriorate, changing the shape of your face and causing the denture to lose its fit. Soon after, they’ll begin moving or sliding around in your mouth, making eating, speaking, or smiling more difficult.

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Implant Dentures

Implant dentures are secured directly to your jawbone by mini dental implants, a smaller and more efficient form of the traditional dental implant. This jawbone connection gives them far greater stability and functionality than conventional dentures. In addition, the implants act as artificial tooth roots, halting the deterioration of your jawbone and keeping your facial structure intact. They simply impact your quality of life more than traditional dentures.

Implant dentures come in three varieties, listed in order of increasing stability.

  • Snap-on denture: Sometimes called implant-retained overdentures, this device snaps onto 4-8 mini implants, securing itself during the day while allowing you to remove it at night. The plastic base of snap-on dentures is much smaller than that of older dentures.
  • Fix-on-Six denture: This prosthetic is a roundhouse bridge that replaces all your teeth without the pink plastic base needed for other options. It’s a semi-removable device that only an implant dentist like Dr. Harvey or Dr. McNair can remove for cleaning. The roundhouse bridge is made of zirconia, a material ten times stronger than natural tooth enamel. This material, combined with the extra implants used to secure it, gives this device impressive durability.
  • Permanent dentures: The strongest option available, we cement this zirconia roundhouse bridge onto 10-12 mini implants, and it is not removable. This is the closest option to the look, feel, and function of your natural teeth that exists today.

Denture Options Compared

Type of Denture Removability Number of Mini Implants Stability Level Base Teeth Material Durability Price
Traditional Yes None Plastic Acrylic 5-7 years 💲
Snap-On Yes 4-8 💪 Plastic (smaller) Acrylic 5-10 years 💲💲
Fix-on-Six Only by a dentist for professional cleaning 6-10 💪💪 Zirconia 10-20+ years 💲💲💲
Permanent No 10-12 💪💪💪 Zirconia 15-20+ years 💲💲💲
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Implant Dentures: The Benefits vs. The Cost

The major consideration for many potential denture wearers is the final cost. If you’re looking at the chart above and thinking, “Why would I choose the most expensive option?” consider their benefits. The Fix-on-Six and permanent dentures restore the look, feel, and functionality of your real teeth. Eliminating the plastic base and connecting to more mini implants provides an experience that removable dentures simply can’t match. If properly taken care of, a roundhouse bridge can last a lifetime.

Making the Cost of Dentures Affordable

Imagine never having to worry about missing teeth, loose dentures, trouble speaking, or avoiding certain foods ever again. That confidence and peace of mind are priceless. At Aspire Dental Group, our experienced staff will work with your insurance company to maximize your coverage. We also partner with multiple financing companies that provide flexible monthly payment structures to help make implant dentures affordable, regardless of your budget.

Don’t Let the Cost of Dentures Hold You Back

Implant dentures aren’t just a financial investment; they improve your health, well-being, and lifestyle. With the various options available and our commitment to making treatment accessible, you can regain your confidence, restore function, and smile brightly once again. Contact us at Aspire Dental Group and schedule a free consultation. Let’s take the first step towards restoring your quality of life with implant dentures.

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