Implant Bridges Are Sturdier Thanks to Mini Implants

Implant Bridges in Lake City, FL | Mini Dental Implants | New Teeth

Have you ever had that moment where you take a bite of your favorite food, and suddenly, there’s a hole where your tooth used to be? A startling number of Americans, around 178 million, face the challenge of missing at least one tooth. This isn’t just about appearance; missing teeth can affect your smile, throw off the balance and alignment of your mouth, and lead to other health issues. Traditional methods of tooth replacement, such as dental bridges, affect your other teeth and aren’t quite as durable or functional as more modern options. Implant bridges, supported by mini dental implants, are a strong, affordable option to replace missing teeth.

What’s the Issue With Missing Teeth?

Implant Bridges in Lake City, FL | Mini Dental Implants | New TeethWhen a tooth is missing, it creates more than just a gap in your smile. Missing teeth come with real health concerns. A gap can lead to problems like shifting teeth and bite misalignment. Think of it like a bookshelf—when you remove one book, the others lean or move to fill the gap. A similar repositioning happens with our teeth, so it’s crucial to address this issue before it escalates. A missing tooth also means there’s no tooth root to stimulate the jawbone and keep it strong. This will lead to bone and tissue deterioration over time, changing your facial structure.

A missing tooth will also cause issues with your daily life. Eating your favorite foods is more difficult, especially if you’re missing multiple teeth. Gaps in your teeth can also affect your speech, adding unwanted lisps and making you more difficult to understand. These are all problems that will only get worse over time. The only way to fix the issue is to replace your teeth with a crown, bridge, or denture.

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Understanding Dental Bridges

Traditional dental bridges have long been a way to replace a few missing teeth. These act as a literal bridge for your teeth, spanning the gap where you have missing teeth and filling the space with a replacement tooth called a pontic. However, as a real bridge connects to two pieces of land, traditional bridges connect to two adjacent teeth. They do this by placing dental crowns on these teeth, meaning we must shave down the soon-to-be crowned teeth to accommodate the restoration. Essentially, you’re irreversibly changing two healthy teeth to replace one or more missing teeth.

Implant-supported bridges do not require other teeth for stabilization. They’re supported from underneath by dental implants, like how a land bridge can be supported by pillars from below. Not only does this replace your missing tooth, preventing shifting and misalignment, but the implants act as replacement tooth roots. They stimulate the jawbone to encourage healthy growth and keep your facial structure intact. Plus, the implant provides stronger support for the replacement teeth, offering a more functional and durable solution than traditional bridges without affecting your remaining teeth.

Mini Implants Provide a Strong Base for Implant Bridges

At Aspire Dental Group, Dr. Harvey and Dr. McNair are experts in placing mini dental implants, the next evolution of the traditional dental implant. As the name suggests, they’re smaller, fitting snugly in tighter spaces or for patients with less jawbone density. They also have a simpler placement procedure, which we can complete in one sitting without incisions or stitches. This means they also heal much faster than traditional implants, meaning fewer follow-up appointments that you need to pay for. That’s right, mini implants are more affordable than conventional implants while being just as sturdy and reliable.

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We Understand Your Financial Concerns

Navigating the world of financing and insurance can sometimes feel like running through a maze with your eyes closed. That’s where our experienced staff is here to help. At your no-cost implant consultation, our team will work with your insurance company to ensure you receive all the benefits you’re entitled to. We also partner with multiple financing companies to provide affordable monthly payment options. Our goal is to make your treatment affordable, regardless of your budget.

Are Implant Bridges Right for You?

With their improved functionality and minimally invasive placement, mini implant-supported bridges could be the tooth replacement solution you’ve been looking for. If you want to restore that dazzling smile and boost your confidence, Dr. Harvey, Dr. McNair, and the Aspire Dental Group team are eager to assist. Why wait? Schedule a free consultation today to learn more about these transformative procedures.

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